On stage pictures

On stage

Patrick Nicasy
playing bass with Patrick Nicasy (L) and Rob Jeurissen (M) april 22, 1989
Barbara Dex
  You're the Boss duet with Barbara Dex june 2002
Fender telecaster
live september 2003
Werft Geel
Solo gig Werft, Geel 4 february 1995
Leuven station
performing in the Leuven
train station march 1990
tv screen
Mol, april 2001
Telecaster soundcheck 2003
One from Yellow
Performing with One from Yellow
(L) Geert Boeckx, (R) Pat Caers august 31, 1990 Oud -Turnhout
Christmas 2005
Christmas show, Mol 2005
Performing 'Candy' with Yasmine
Geel, 29 june 1991
John Wilkinson
Backing up John Wilkinson, Kasterlee jan 2004
Celeste Yarnall
On stage with Fonzy Reno (L) and Celeste Yarnall (R) january 2006
playing with James Burton
with James Burton in Mol 2003
Hometown show in Geel 1990
Hometown show February 1990
Frank Ermgodts
on bass with Paul van Bruystegem (L) & Frank Ermgodts (M) april 1989
1990 show Wilsele
Hover act
Van Lommel hover act
Hover act
Hover act 2
Rudies fotoateljee
Feb 1982 performance
Flanders Rock
Flanders rock june 1990
Imperials quartet
Backing up Barbara Dex (L) &
The Imperials (R) 07 oct 2006
Geelhouse Rock
Geelhouse Rock july 27, 1991
Radio 2 Hasselt
Radio 2 Hasselt performance
with Pat Caers (L) april 1990
Jack Daniels shirt
Always promoting Jack! may 1991
Performing with Yasmine (M)
& Pat Caers (R) 29 june 1991
Radio performance
Live radio performance with
Karin Peetermans 2000
Marleen Loos
Performing live with Marleen Loos august 31, 1990
handcrafted bass
playing a uniquely crafted bass prototype november 2007
bass playing
playing bass april 1989
James Burton
with James Burton 2003
on stage with Barbara Dex
with Martyn Hanson (L)
& Barbara Dex january 2004
rockin' out, Rijkevorsel september 1990
Christmas 2005
Christmas show Getouw, Mol 2005
Fender stratocaster
playing a Jeff Beck stratocaster
 october 2006
Brugge 1990
Bouckenborgh, Merksem sept 6, 1991 with Jos Loisen & Jef Meeus
Geel feestzaal 1989
july 7, 1989 Geel
Marleen Loos, Geert, Kurt Hendrickx
with Kurt Hendrickx (M) &
Marleen Loos (R) april 22, 1989
Maart 1982
Bogaard, Geel march 1982
John Wilkinson Belgium
Sint-Niklaas 2004 with Johan Vandervorst (L) & John Wilkinson (M)
Elvis show
2006 Elvis show with from L to R David Hamal, Roxas, Barbara Dex, Nick Verlinden, Kathleen Willems
Magazijntje Hechtel Eksel
Hechtel-Eksel, november 2007
LOF Tessenderlo
LOF festival Tessenderlo 1984
with Marie Haest, Kurt Hendrickx & Peter Ooms
Kessel-Lo show
stage view Kessel-lo 1990
One from Yellow
One from Yellow days with
Pat Caers september 1990
Lier train station
Lier train station performance
march 1990 with Pat Caers
Lier train station performance
Lier train station 2
2003 performance
Tessenderlo may 2009
singing with Burt Blanca
with Burt Blanca Mol, april 2001
Geel april 21, 1984
Mol 2002
Mol 2002
Once and again
Once and again event with Guy Swinnen & Ben Crabbé Geel 1991
Kathleen Willems
backing up Kathleen Willems 2006, Kasterlee
May 1990 Breekend
May 1990, Bree
May 1991 Mol
May 1991, Mol with
Jos Loisen & Jef Meeus
Marie Haest
with Marie Haest april 21,1984
One from yellow debut
One from yellow debut performance, Geel July 7, 1989


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